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Growing Into Healing

My mission is simple: Share the wellness education, tools, and resources needed to help someone be healthy and capable of managing life’s pressures.

I have always felt that there was more to this life than what typically is  seen on the surface. I could almost catch a glimpse of it, however, "reality" would keep me from finding out what that was. I often felt a little lost or not quite belonging and the consistent yearn for more was something that I couldn't shake but did not understand how to find.

In 2019, a series of events dropped me directly in the path of my incredibly talented mentor Sara R. Reeves. Since we met, she has assisted me in discovering the incredible journey of self-discovery. I began unlocking parts of myself I didn't even remember or knew existed!

I opened up to a whole new spectrum of energies, beings, lifetimes, worlds, and forging new bonds with other like-minded and awesome beings. I have stepped boldly into my talents and embraced the power of an energy healer. I have found that working with energies from crystals, Gaia, Angels and more, have become a true calling for me. I work every day to unlock more and to fully grasp the knowledge this lifetime has to offer.

I cannot wait to meet you and work with your energy.

** At the moment I'm only accepting healing appointments on Thursdays(12-7pm) at Red Feather Healing in Universal City, TX. I'm currently working on a space in Kyle, TX and will also be available in Round Rock in the future! If you have any questions please email me at! **

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Jax Wolf / Healing Practitioner


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